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Take a journey in to the heart of the Mary River wetlands on a specialised wildlife safari to suit your desires. There are over 250 species of birds in the catchment & a successful safari depends on getting the most out of our resources.

The Mary River region in Australia’s Top End is one of the most diverse areas in the country. The Mary River drains a catchment of over 8,000 square kilometres into 1,300 square kilometres of wetlands, swamps & billabongs to the sea. These wetlands empty into Chambers Bay through Tommycut & Sampan creeks – two tidally influenced channels extending some 50 kilometres inland. The Mary River itself, flows only in the wet season but exists as a series of billabongs in the dry season. The variety of habitats creates the regions richest environment, full of life, where birds & wildlife breed & flourish.

Our experienced guides offer a host of activities including day & night walks, billabong cruises, estuary boating & all terrain vehicle expeditions. They are passionate about wildlife & are determined to ensure you leave feeling the same way.

1 Day Wetland Wonder

Discover tropical birds & wildlife with local experienced guide. Learn about seasonal habitats of the Mary River. Visit private billabongs, paperbark swamps, topical woodlands & the Mary River floodplain in search of the vast array of bird species as well as crocodiles, wallabies, wallaroos, wild pigs, dingos & buffalo. Enjoy the spectacular sunset at the end of the day.

  • Maximum 9 people

  • Duration – approx 8 hours

  • Depart Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge early morning

  • Includes lunch & refreshments

  • River cruise

  • Walks

  • Specific species requests

  • Travel in comfortable air-conditioned 4WD & open all terrain vehicles

  • Operates May to early November

Cost: Contact the Lodge for pricing

2 Day Mary River Discovery

The perfect tour to get a real insight & experience the heart of the Mary River Wetlands. Travel to a variety of habitats in 4WD vehicles, all terrain vehicles, & boats in search for specialised species. The itinerary includes visiting all Mary River habitats – coastal fringes, woodlands, monsoonal rainforests, wetlands & vast floodplains. Private & exclusive access allows guests unique opportunities unlike any other tour. A real outback adventure.

  • Maximum 9 people

  • 3 nights lodge style air-conditioned accommodation

  • Includes breakfast & lunch (evening meals are available in the wetlands bistro)

  • River cruises

  • Estuary boating

  • Walks

  • Specific species requests

  • Travel in comfortable air-conditioned 4WD & open all terrain vehicles

  • Operates May to early November

Cost: Contact the Lodge for pricing


Mary River Habitats

+ Coastal / mangroves

River boats & walks are the best way to venture deep into this vast & remote habitat. The Sampan & Tommy cut estuaries & tributaries are endless. Many bird species are found including the Chestnut Rail, Mangrove Grey Fantail, Brahminy Kite, Striated Heron, Mangrove Grey Grone, Black Butcherbird, & Great Billed Heron.

+ Monsoon forests

Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge is nestled beside Jimmy Creek Monsoon forest. A natural spring flows through the forest creating a habitat in which some animals cannot survive outside its protection. The cool environment provides a relaxing way to view Rainbow Pitta’s, Rose Crowned Fruit Dove, Figbird, Imperial Pigeons, & Orange Footed Scrub Fowl which make huge earth & leave mound nests which are passed on by generation of these birds.

+ Open woodlands

Eucalypt woodlands is the most dominant in the Top End with the highest bird diversity. 4wd vehicles and walks are very rewarding ways of viewing the parrots, Honey Eaters & Finches that make seasonal movements through these areas following flowering trees & seeding grasses.

+ Grasslands / fringing forests

In the dryer month’s grasses start to seed & the ground begins to dry. Access becomes easier & birders can traverse the grasslands & fringes to study Blue Winged Kookaburras, Butcherbirds, Cockatoo, Rosella, Pratincole & Australian Bustards, Finches & Honeyeaters.

+ Wetlands

The Mary River wetlands comprises of permanent billabongs, lagoons, paperbark swamps, floodplains & channels, & are a very important breeding habitat for the abundant of bird species which inhabit the wetlands.

Boats allow access to the massive habitat. The spectacle of large populations of birds is inspiring. Some common water birds include; Black Necked Stork, Brolga, Royal Spoonbill, Ibis, Rainbow Bee-eater, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Darter, Rufous Night Heron, Comb Crested Jacana, Kingfishers & many more.