Things to see & do.

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The grounds at Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge

The grounds at Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge are home to assorted wildlife. Various bird species, Agile Wallabies, insects, snakes, frogs & lizards are always present. It is also the home to a number of Brahman cattle and Water Buffalo.

The resident Water Buffalo are fed regularly in the evenings during the dry season. A great opportunity to get a close up look at these icon animals with their impressive horns.

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Jimmy Creek Monsoon Forest

Jimmy Creek Monsoon Forest is accessible from the campground. The natural spring creates a dramatic canopy that strongly contrast to the surrounding woodlands. A 35 minute walk winds its way along the creek past banyan trees and scrub fowl nests. Spot freshwater crocodiles, small fish and the occasional barramundi, birds, insects and frogs. The monsoon forest is cool relief from the heat of the day. Also in the area is Brian Creek Monsoon Forest.

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Hardies 4WD track and Wildman 4WD track

These tracks travel along the edge of the wetlands, between paperbark swamps and tall open forests. Highlights include majestic fig trees, the Mary River floodplain, billabongs and historical features. You may spot Water Buffalo, wild pigs, Brahman cattle, and an array of other wildlife.

Routes are open as conditions permit in the dry season. (June to October)


The Hardies track runs between the Rockhole Road and the Arnhem Hwy and passes Bird Billabong which has an abundance of bird and other wildlife. A bird hide is accessed by a 2.8km return walk and offers great photographic opportunities. Allow approximately 2 to 3 hours for this drive.

The Wildman track runs between the Wildman Road and the Rockhole Billabong. This amazing 32km drive offers spectacular sunsets & views of the Mary River floodplain. The track takes you past several billabongs & lagoons with abundant wildlife. See majestic fig trees, paperbark forests and stands of bamboo and pandanus which are part of the character of the Mary River catchment. Approximately 2 hour drive.

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Mistake Billabong

Mistake Billabong has fantastic bird watching opportunities. Overlooking the billabong, the viewing platform allows you to take in the wildlife activity.

Located a short distance from the Lodge on the Point Stuart Road.

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Point Stuart Coastal Reserve (Stuart’s Memorial Cairn)

A 4wd access track is open as conditions permit (May to October) to the Point Stuart Coastal Reserve. Allow approximately a one hour drive from Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge. The 6km return walk to Stuart’s Memorial Cairn & the coast from the day use area takes you through a range of environments. From dry woodland the track leads out over the floodplains, through a coastal vine thicket & eventually to the coastal mangroves of Finke Bay. (Allow 3 hours for the walk).


Shady Camp – Home of the Barramundi

Shady Camp is a popular fishing spot with boat ramps and picnic areas.

You can hire one of our boats and try your luck at fishing, or just explore the waterways at your own leisure. A barrage helps to prevent saltwater intrusion into the freshwater wetlands. This barrage also acts as a popular land base fishing area. A viewing platform offers excellent views over the billabong and floodplain with the possibility of sighting huge saltwater crocodiles that inhabit the waters. An excellent spot to view amazing sunsets


Rockhole Billabong

The Rockhole is another access point to the channels of the Mary River system, and is a popular spot for barramundi fishing and wildlife viewing. There is also a boat ramp and picnic facilities. The Mary River Wetlands Cruise departs from the Rockhole Billabong.


Couzens Lockout

Couzens Lookout has magnificent views of the Mary River Wetlands.

Located on the Rockhole Road.

Suggested 1 day itineraries for the self driver:

Option 1
  • Breakfast at the Lodge

  • AM Mary River Wetlands Cruise

  • Wildman 4WD track

  • Return to Lodge for afternoon swim

  • Jimmy’s Creek Monsoon Forest

  • Sunset at Shady Camp

  • Evening meals in Wetlands Bistro

Option 2
  • Breakfast at the Lodge

  • Boat hire or ½ day guided fishing tour (Shady Camp)

  • Self catered BBQ lunch by the pool

  • Mistake billabong

  • 4WD Wildlife/Floodplain Sunset Safari

  • Evening meals in Wetlands Bistro

Option 3
  • Breakfast at the Lodge / collect lunch packs

  • Jimmy’s Creek Monsoon Forest

  • AM Mary River Wetlands Cruise

  • Picnic lunch at Shady Camp

  • Afternoon boat hire or guided fishing tour

  • Sunset at Shady Camp

  • Evening meals in Wetlands Bistro

Option 4
  • Depart Darwin

  • Bird Billabong

  • Hardies 4wd track

  • Picnic lunch at Couzens Lookout

  • PM Mary River Wetlands Cruise

  • Check in at Lodge

  • Evening meals in Wetlands Bistro

Option 5
  • Breakfast at the Lodge

  • Point Stuart Coastal Reserve

  • Afternoon boat hire or guided fishing tour

  • Sunset at Shady Camp

  • Self catered BBQ

  • Drinks around a camp fire