Darwin city to Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge 180km (approximately 2 hours drive)

from Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge

To Rockhole 35km

To Shady Camp 20km

To Kakadu entry 47km

To Jabiru (Kakadu) 153km

To Airstrip 1km (transfers available)



To reach point Stuart Wilderness Lodge requires driving on 7km of well maintained, unsealed road. The surrounding area is also derived of (maintained) unsealed roads. Be aware of wildlife, particularly at dawn and dusk. Wallabies are active during these times. Buffalo and cattle can also be a hazard. These roads are suitable for 2wd vehicles, caravans and campervans during the dry season.



Wet: December to April
Dry: May to November

Average Temperatures


Wet: 25-34C Dry: 22-31C
The later months of the year October, November, December are very hot and humid before the arrival of the wet season rains.



In the tropical Top End of Australia, lightweight summer clothing is worn all year round. Good walking shoes, hats, long-sleeve shirts, sunscreen and insect repellent are mandatory. Clothing for the cooler nights in the dry season may be required and a rain coat during the wet season. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.